SET-ting the standard in Integrated Security

SETCARE’s Integrated Security Technology provides adaptive protocols and dynamic responses to best provide facilities with comprehensive safety information and location analytics.

About Us

The SET-CARE Platform

Integrated Security

Our platform leverages the facilities’ existing infrastructure to provide proactive levels of security through Location Analytics, Visitor Registration, Unique Triggers and Alerts. The platform encompasses all levels of security from Prevention, Detection, and Utilization to give key stakeholders all information necessary.

Real-Time Cross-
Facility Mapping
Access Control
Unique Triggers
and Alerts
Data and Analytics

Location Analytics

Key Insights


A vital piece in creating a secure and healthy environment is registration of all assets and personnel checking-in or returning to the facility. This provides visibility and focus into threat and emergency prevention.


Through Unique Triggers and Alerts and Asset Mapping, the SETCARE Platform gives key insights into the movement and interaction of all approved and unapproved assets within a facility. Further securing your facility from Red Flag Listed Personnel and Visitors.


Location Analytics ensures key stakeholders can utilize data sets to enhance personnel and visitor experience and even prevent lost wages on key assets.


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